Lift Stations and Maintenance Offered in Stuart, Florida

What is a Sewer Lift System?

Sewer lift stations are used mainly in commercial buildings when there is a waste source below the building's septic tank or sewage drain. This source can be a toilet, sink, garbage disposal, laundry or any other process that needs a drainage system.

Since this system cannot rely on gravity like most plumbing systems, a lift station is needed. A wastewater well collects any drainage with a pump that lifts the wastewater to the level of the septic tank or sewage drain.

Sewer Lift System Problems

Because of the high volume of wastewater produced by commercial facilities, lift system pumps, power sources, control panels and other components can wear out and break.
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So what are some of the problems that can occur?

When the float inside the collection well malfunctions, the overflow alarm will not sound when the wastewater reaches dangerously high levels. Sewage is corrosive and can cause damage to the system over time. Pump motors and valves can wear out, and pipes can become clogged.

How We Can Help

All of these issues and more can be prevented or caught before major damage occurs with a regular maintenance and inspection routine. The experts at Stuart Plumbing & Sheet Metal Inc. can provide lift station repair, maintenance, pump replacement, cleaning and more to make sure your system always performs optimally.