Backflow Prevention and Testing in Stuart, Florida

What Is Backflow?

The clean water that you depend on in your home or business is delivered to your faucets and appliances in pressurized pipes. With proper and consistent pressure, your drinking water will only flow in one direction: from the exterior source into your building.

However, in certain circumstances, pressure in your lines can fluctuate and spike which may cause water to flow in the opposite direction: out of your building and into your clean water source. This backflow will contaminate your source of clean water with potentially hazardous fluids, posing a serious health risk once the pressure and direction of flow is corrected.

Testing Your Backflow Device

Many houses and commercial facilities already have backflow prevention devices. However, even if you do have one, the internal mechanisms and valves will wear out over time. It is recommended that a professional inspects your system at least once a year.

That's why the plumbing technicians with Stuart Plumbing & Sheet Metal Inc. are here to test your device for damage. We will provide reliable troubleshooting, repairs and advice if any weaknesses are found.
Filling glass of water from faucet — Backflow Prevention and Testing in Stuart, FL

Preventing Water Contamination

If you do not currently have a backflow prevention system, we will install one for your peace of mind. Hose bib preventers are suitable for a single outlet such as a sink or faucet and ensure that water is pressurized in one direction only.

Vacuum breakers, a second type of prevention device, are placed directly within your pipes to safeguard the entry of clean water into your building. We will help you make the best decision for your property and needs.

24/7 Repairs, Replacements and Installations

Whether you need us to repair your current backflow protection system, test existing features or install a whole new device, we are ready for your call. Our dependable plumbers are available around the clock, and we have decades of experience addressing all types of home and commercial plumbing systems. You can rest assured that you will get high-quality services that will effectively protect your drinking water.